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OBLIGATORY VALENTINE’S DAY POST: bacon and apple grilled cheese

While some people are crying into their pillows or freaking out about what to buy their significant other, I’m relishing in the idea of staying in on a Friday night, eating bacon sandwiches and having a socially acceptable excuse to binge hard on House of Cards. También en español.

Listening to friend’s Valentine’s Day plans doesn’t really compute with me. One is stressed about what kind of gift to give his new girlfriend, another worried about what taking a girl out on their third date today of all days might imply, someone else is over-analyzing whether she is allowed to order a steak over grilled salmon, another has vowed to keep up her tradition of eating McDonalds with a bottle of wine while watching trashy tv.  Me, I don’t really care. I’m excited to be alone on Valentine’s Day this year. And it is almost completely because Netflix has pulled off the greatest stunt of all time: releasing the entire second season of House of Cards today. So while everyone else is out feeling pressured and stressed (and hopefully a few deeply enamored by their significant other), I’m just happy that staying in on a Friday night eating junk food and chain-watching my favorite tv series is not looked down upon today. And if your partner just so happens to want to watch tv and drink beer in pajamas with you, marry them.

In the tune of today being a day that a single person can do whatever the fuck they want without anyone being able to judge them out loud, what a perfect occasion to eat greasy fatty comfort foods. And get food all over yourself. And not put on pants. And leave the dishes sitting out on the living room table until tomorrow afternoon. And maybe treating yourself to a few White Russians. My I should feel bad but I really don’t give a shit food is grilled cheese, the more you butter your shit the better.

Note: I feel ridiculous explaining how to make a grilled cheese sandwich because honestly if you don’t have this one figured out you need to stand in front of a mirror and ask that reflection some serious questions. But for the sake of keeping status quo here it goes. To make two (because yeah) of these grilled cheese sandwiches, you need the following:

  • 4 pieces of your favorite bread, I like Multigrain Orowheat
  • Four thick slices of your favorite cheese, I chose some fresh mozzarella
  • Four pieces of bacon
  • Half an apple
  • Mustard and mayonnaise
  • Butter or margarine

Throw the bacon onto a hot grill or pan while you slice up the apple and cheese. Butter your bread on the outside and spread on some mustard and mayo on the inside. Now because today no one can ask you any questions about today’s decisions, I threw the bread onto the grill and let it toast in bacon grease rather than buttering it. Layer with cheese, apple slices, bacon and bread cooking over medium flame until it’s a nice golden brown, flip over to toast the other side.

IMG_6027 IMG_6033 IMG_6042 IMG_6045 IMG_6052


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  1. Vv

    Word on the street is that Kevin Vaughn stayed out til 10am on Valentines day, partying for 13 hours straight.

    (and she ordered the calabresa pizza in the end – but only because steak wasn’t on the menu.)

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