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I want a cheeseburger. I want cheeseburgers all the time. I want it to be big and juicy and I want there to be so much barbecue sauce that it globs out all over my shirt. I want there to be crispy iceberg lettuce that crunches when I bite into it and guacamole and onion rings and mushrooms and pickles that are a little sour and very crunchy. I want it to be so big I have to measure it in quarter pounds. I want the bun to be covered in sesame seeds and I want it to come wrapped in paper so I can use the crispiest fries to scrape at the cheese paper.

To be honest, what I really want is to be here, and I apologize to any West Coast expats that immediately get the reference.

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Since I stepped foot in Buenos Aires four years ago I’ve been looking for that burger’s equal. And maybe half way through that long portly hunt I all about gave up. Too many frozen “patys”, too much fake cheddar and over or undercooked bacon, usually involving a thirty minute bus ride and an overpriced check. So to the great fortune of my friends, I began treating everyone to homemade burgers with all the trimmings. Cooking wasn’t ever a huge deal, although when I’m in the mood for a burger it usually means I’ve given up for the day. The upside of cooking your own burger – besides making it exactly how you want it – pants are optional, which is key to the giving up for the day theme. But at least these eatable works of art were created.



But then something happened in Buenos Aires. The food scene is waking up. The onslaught of hungry expats are changing the way that porteño chefs are doing business, and the burger is quickly becoming a city staple. It began with Palermo’s Burger Joint, which offers a limited number of themed burgers and a bunch of creative sauces, and a slew of other eateries are picking up on the trend.

It’s my (self-appointed) duty to try them all and report back. For science. Stay tuned.


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