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LEFTOVER TORTILLAS: egg fried hangover delight

Leftover tortillas in Buenos Aires? Blasphemy!

When I first moved here anyone that visited was instructed to bring the largest bag of Guerrero corn tortillas they could fit in their bag, and Cholula obviously. Lots of Cholula. Otherwise, no passage to Argentina. And those things were devoured in every form: tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, tostadas, homemade nachos, not a single delicious tortilla was wasted.

Now we make or own and are a little cocky about it, meaning, we let tortillas go stale, and sometimes (shriek) we have to throw them away. Sorry. Soon we’ll be selling tortillas to the people and you too can let tortillas go stale.

I’m not really sure if this dish has a name. I’m positive I’m not the first to discover it, but all my google searches came up with were tacos topped with a fried egg rather than a tortilla lightly fried in a scrambled egg. The difference is quite important.

There are a number of ways to cook this and an endless amount of toppings, but we challenged ourselves to use only what was in our fridge at the moment. I use the word “challenge” loosely, the truth is it was Sunday and I woke up at 2pm and that’s a tall tale sign that leaving my house is not in my future.

To make these you’ll need the following:

1 tortilla, slightly stale

2 eggs, lightly scrambled (1 egg will also do just fine)


From there, choose your own toppings. We topped ours with some leftover chicken and shredded lettuce.

In a small pan or skillet melt enough butter to coat the bottom. Throw in your tortilla and cook until it becomes more pliable. In a separate bowl whisk one or two eggs, add salt and pepper if you wish. Add to skillet, and move tortilla around so that the egg mixture coats the top and bottom of the tortilla. Cook bottom layer of egg to desired doneness (I like it a little wet), flip and cook other side.

IMG_6326 IMG_6341 IMG_6350 IMG_6354



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